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Paperboard – indispensable to the business cycle

Packaging protects goods and conveys information.

Our premium paperboard family Algro Design forms the basis of a whole range of folding boxboard packaging that boosts the success of high-quality products at the point of sale. We at Sappi are proud of this, so we are committed to making the environmental and consumer advantages of paperboard packaging clear. For example, we promote the Two Sides initiative, which uses verifiable facts to challenge myths about paperboard packaging.



Paperboard packaging is wasteful and unnecessary.



Paperboard packaging protects goods and can reduce trash.


Worldwide, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually – or about one third of the amount produced for global human consumption. Part of this waste could be avoided, as many food products are only thrown away because they are soiled, damaged or spoiled.

High-quality paperboard packaging can help prevent waste, because paperboard protects sensitive goods reliably during transport, storage, delivery and of course, presentation at the point of sale. For example, effective packaging reduces the risk of damage during transport to less than 5%.
In addition to its protective function, paperboard packaging also fulfills another purpose: it informs potential buyers about relevant product characteristics, ingredients and safety. Beyond this, it communicates the brand image to the consumer, thereby making an important contribution to the marketing mix.

At the same time, paper and paperboard packaging demonstrates an outstanding environmental balance. It can be reused very effectively and within Europe achieves a collection rate of around 75%. Paperboard packaging is highly attractive not only from an environmental, but also from a consumer point of view: according to a survey in Britain, 57% of consumers prefer to buy products packaged in paper and paperboard.


Did you know?

  • Paper and paperboard packaging makes up some 30% of the total amount of packaging material.
  • Paper and paperboard packaging remains the most frequently used packaging material.
  • In the EU, more paper and paperboard is used than all other packaging materials put together

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