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Sappi’s functional papers Guard and Seal comprise a range of sustainable paper-based packaging solutions. The innovative paper from Sappi offers integrated functionalities, such as an effective barrier against oxygen, water vapor, grease and mineral oil and/or with heat sealing properties. These paper-based packaging solutions are designed to replace multi-layer barrier films by material with a high share coming from renewable sources.

All functional paper grades are recyclable and available PEFC™(PEFC/07-32-76) as well as FSC™(FSC™ C015022) certified.

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Mineral oil barrier paper

Algro Guard M® 

With features tailored for use in food industry, this one side coated paper is ideal for use with rice, pasta, cereal and chocolate.

Leine Guard M®

Designed especially for the food industry, this uncoated paper with mineral oil barrier and heat sealing function is ideal for dry and fatty food.

Grease resistant bag paper


A proven winner for multi, or single wall bag applications, LusterPrint is the clay coated outer ply, providing a high-end printing surface and grease resistance.