Premium quality and very good runnability

For large format inkjet printing, Sappi offers coated papers with a width of up to 3.10 metres. Our range includes papers for water-based inks, for solvent-containing or UV-curing inks and for printing with HP Latex inks.

Typical areas of application are poster printing (imaging) for indoor and outdoor applications and technical printing in the construction industry (CAD/Engineering). These paper grades are recyclable and available PEFC™(PEFC/07-32-76) as well as FSC™(FSC™ C015022) certified.

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For Interleaving

Leine Intra®

An MGBK uncoated interleaving paper with a smooth surface. Leine Intra® is suited to high-end applications such as metal, steel and glass thanks to its premium look compared to unbleached grades.

For thermal coating

Algro Thermo®

A both sides coated, smooth MGBK paper. Designed for thermal coating on the top side and pre-print on both sides, Algro Thermo® is ideal as a base paper for direct thermal coating, or for use in direct thermal printing.