The Blue Couch Series

The moderated programme offers an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the paper industry and at a leading player in the market where guests discuss about new products, innovations, sustainability and much more.


Episode 6: Digital Printing – Far more than just a printing process


  • Andrea Riccardi from Durst
  • Paola Tiso and Luis Mata from Sappi

19 min, published on 2 November 2021

Episode 5: Functional Paper Packaging – Cooperation leads to perfect packaging


  • René Köhler, Director Paper & Packaging Solutions, Sappi Europe
  • Jens Torkel, CEO Rovema

18 min, published in September 2021

Episode 4: Sappi Europe’s new CEO embarks on an exciting journey


Marco Eikelenboom, CEO of Sappi Europe

22 min, published on 26 May 2021

Episode 3: (R)Evolution of Paper Packaging


  • Michael Bethge, Sales Director Consumer Goods and Self Adhesives Sappi Europe
  • René Koehler, Head of Business Development Packaging Solutions, Division Innovation & Sustainability Sappi Europe

61 min, published on 3 February 2021

Episode 2: Sales and Innovation – What does success look like?


  • Thomas Kratochwill, Vice President Sales & Marketing Packaging and Speciality Papers Sappi Europe
  • Bernardo Semadeni, Director of Innovation Sappi Europe

18 min, published on 2 December 2020

Episode 1: Working together for a sustainable future


  • Berry Wiersum, CEO Sappi Europe
  • Sarah Price, Sustainability Manager Sappi Europe

36 min, published on 4 November 2020

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