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Coated Papers

Transjet Fashion

A coated sublimation paper for digital transfer printing with water-based dye sub inks. Perfectly suitable for industrial printers.


Designed for transfer to polyester-based materials like fashion and home textiles.


  • Reduced transfer temperature
  • Short transfer time
  • Excellent runnability and outstanding efficiency
  • Homogeneous colour results
  • Suitable for digital printing, especially on industrial printers
  • Appropriate for water-based dye sub inks


  • High quality and excellent performance
  • Ultra-light grammage
  • Fast ink drying
  • Excellent colour release
  • Excellent paper stiffness
  • Ideal for use in cost- and productivity-driven production processes on an industrial scale as, e.g. in the fashion sector

Basis weights

  • Reels: 45 g/m²