Coated and outdoor-ready inkjet papers. Designed as a pure paper solution for applications, such as mega lights and mega scrollers, photorealistic posters and prints.

Product Specifications

Product Formats
Grammage (GSM)
Print Process
Digital printing - Inkjet
Product Speciality Type
Inkjet Papers
Imaging Papers
FSC™ (FSC™ C015022)
PEFC (PEFC/07-32-76)


  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Extremely tear-resistant and durable; tested over 100‘000 rotations
  • Very good weather- and moisture-resistance
  • Additional processing steps such as lamination are superfluous
  • 3-in-1 printing solution: suitable for latex-inks, UV-curable and hard-solvent
  • Identical colour appearance during day or night time (front and back-lit operation)
  • Homogeneous paper formation, especially favourable for back-lit applications
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Highly consistent quality paper
  • Excellent quality, even in harsh environmental conditions
  • Outstanding printing results and optical appearance (day and night)
  • Very good runnability
  • No lamination required for mega scroller applications
  • High acceptance in the market