Sappi at the Greener Manufacturing Show 2023

Leading the way to eco-friendly innovations


For the third year in a row, Sappi, a leading global provider of everyday materials made from renewable woodfibre-based resources, took part in the 2023 edition of the Greener Manufacturing Show and the Plastic Waste Free World Conference held in Cologne on 8-9 November. Sappi showcased its innovative sustainable functional papers as well as its brand Valida, which is produced from sustainable cellulose fibres and used as a renewable raw material in personal care, coatings and many other applications.

At this year’s Greener Manufacturing Show, Sappi presented a selection of its innovative functional papers for flexible packaging, which feature integrated barriers against water vapor, grease, oxygen, aroma and mineral oil – eliminating the need for special coatings, films or laminations. As an innovation leader in sustainable packaging solutions Sappi is strongly supporting the increasing demand for sustainable solutions, and these functional papers represent an excellent alternative to fossil-fuel-based, non-renewable products.

Sappi Booth

Sappi also presented its unique sustainable innovations in biotechnology based on fibrillated cellulose, branded as Valida. Developed by Sappi’s Biotech division to meet quickly changing market needs, Valida is a natural and biodegradable renewable material, which offers similar properties as conventional synthetic ingredients. Since its introduction, it has successfully accompanied several industries on their journey towards greener products. One such example is the replacement of microplastics in personal care applications. Another is the replacement of polyvinyl alcohol – a widely debated polymer in terms of biopersistence – used in solid laundry detergent sheets. Valida enables a natural and sustainable delivery format for laundry detergents, without the need for hard plastic packaging, as well as significantly reduced space requirements during transport and storage.

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An ideal opportunity to explore and explain solutions in depth

Geoffrey Stijfs, Technical Sales Manager at Sappi Europe is very pleased with the many interesting discussions he and his team enjoyed with trade fair visitors: “Our Sappi purpose sets sustainability at its core. We are here to build a thriving world by unlocking the power of renewable resources to benefit people, communities and the planet. Our business is based on activating the enormous potential that lies within renewable resources to enhance how we all live, work and prosper. We are fully committed to further exploring the potential of woodfibre and biomaterials to contribute to the creation of a healthy circular economy.”

Kerstin Dietze and Geoffrey Stijfs

Kerstin Dietze, Key Account Manager Paper & Packaging Solutions at Sappi Europe adds: “The fair was an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas with a very interested professional audience and to explain the added value of our products. The reactions to our functional papers and fibrillated cellulose were extremely positive and we are delighted with the results.”