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Celebrating products – with paperboard packaging

Oliver Bruns and Helmut Sieber (Edelmann Group) on current packaging trends and Algro Design from Sappi.

In the past, not everything was better, but a lot of things were simpler. For example, just a few years ago, the main purpose of paperboard packaging was to protect the product, convey a limited amount of information, and serve as an economical container. Today, in contrast, folding paperboard boxes fulfill ever more complex functions in the marketing mix.


Paperboard creates value

Helmut-Sieber_Edelmann“Consumers now buy their goods more and more often online, rather than at the store”, says Helmut Sieber, Head of Technical Design Center for the Edelmann Group. “This takes the salesperson, who used to unpack the goods and present them to the customer, out of the picture. So the customer’s unpacking experience is becoming increasingly important. The customer is looking for an emotional experience – they want to celebrate the opening of the package. Then the special quality of the product becomes palpable and, with it, the value of the packaging”.


Choice of substrate depends on many factors

image_sieberThe choice of substrate, of course, also plays a decisive role in the quality of that experience. Sieber: “As soon as the brand manufacturer comes with their briefing, the target group and the point of sale are set. Then we begin the design work. In choosing the substrate, the physical demands are important: the weight of the product, what transportation routes the goods will take, and where they will be presented for sale. The tougher the conditions, the higher the tearing strength that’s needed in the material”.

“When I have a product whose packaging is supposed to communicate a sense of luxury, I like to recommend, for example, Algro Design from Sappi. It wins you over with its high degree of whiteness, very smooth surface, and premium feel. And it’s well-suited to printing and finishes of all kinds. It’s a very attractive material, one that’s also ideal for the development of folding boxes for whole beauty product lines. From jars to lipstick to perfume flacons”.


Focus on sustainability

Oliver-Bruns,-Edelmann-GroupThe Edelmann Group is currently observing that sustainability continues to be a megatrend in the packaging industry. “We offer our customers the production of folding boxes, for example with ecological dyes and environmentally friendly coatings”, says Oliver Bruns, CEO of the Edelmann Group. “Increasingly, we’re moving away from our former plastic and combination packaging and using paperboard instead”, he explains, “which has the advantage of being manufactured from renewable wood. At the Edelmann Group, we also employ the most modern methods, technologies, and production machines. With all of this, we’re actively helping to shape our future today”.


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