Pure quality with every fibre of our lining.


Our containerboard products offer the complete solution for all our customers’ premium packaging and graphic application needs.

With their brilliant colour reproduction, outstanding contrast and improved readability, our topliner containerboards increase the shelf impact of our customers’ products and offer valuable, unique brand differentiation.

On the other hand, our fluting and liner containerboards, with their superior strength characteristics, have been designed for agricultural and industrial applications including shelf-ready packaging.

When choosing the best liner for corrugated board applications, it pays to closely compare double coated kraftliners, testliners and virgin fibre liners for each specific application. Compared to a few years ago, significantly better results can be achieved today for the same or lower cost. The use of virgin fibre liners clearly increases the value of corrugated board as a raw material for high quality consumer goods and shelf-ready packaging. However, this requires a change in traditional ways of thinking and the courage to go in new directions. A growing number of companies in the corrugated board industry are daring to take this step and are therefore able to impress their customers and gain competitive advantage.

Although virgin fibre liners are not the best solution for all applications, the number of applications where double-coated virgin fibre liners are used as innovative alternatives to double-coated kraftliners and testliners is constantly increasing. This material provides the best results in flexographic, offset and digital printing, and really comes into its own when high visual quality is required, when lightweight packaging and finer fluting are desired, when flexible and customised print runs are to be produced using digital and flexographic printing (or a combination of these).

Corrugated board packaging is still mostly printed with the flexographic pre-print process. This means that the liner is first printed and then laminated onto the corrugated board in a second stage. When high quality is required, offset printing is also often used. Digital printing currently plays a lesser role, although there are new digital printing solutions coming to market that may increase the attractiveness of digital printing, especially for smaller lot sizes and the possibility of having very fast and personalised packaging, making the growth prospects for digital printing the highest, albeit from a small base. These parameters are also true in the post-print process. Increasingly, liners are laminated on without printing and then subjected to a flexographic – or even digital – printing process. In this way, small runs can be produced more economically and with greater flexibility.

Tests have shown that Fusion Topliners deliver very good results in the post-print process regardless of the printing method selected. It is especially the material’s capacity for printing without streaks that is impressive.

In terms of the printing results achieved, virgin fibre liners with flexographic, offset and digital printing are well ahead of other methodologies. Latest test shown, that the Fusion Topliner reached outstanding results in digital print methods.


Topliner and Liner: Fusion Nature Plus, Fusion Topliner, Kraftpride* and Proto Litho

Fluting: Fusion Nature Plus and Ultraflute*

* Available in South Africa only.




  • High brightness, smoothness and print gloss
  • High stability with enhanced protection against cracking at the fold
  • Superior lamination and mechanical properties, fast ink drying
  • Taint- and odour-neutral
  • Suitable for direct food contact, safety of toys (DIN EN71) and sensitive goods
  • Unique coating, suitable for all printing processes and excellent finishing results


  • Excellent print results through enhanced colour reproduction
  • Reduced washboarding effect and higher shelf impact
  • Offers cost-saving opportunities: Weight reduction, glue savings (up to 75%) and Increased runnability and processing efficiency



  • Superior burst
  • High humidity performance
  • Extended grammage range
  • Excellent folding endurance
  • Recyclable


  • Combination of strength properties prevents boxes from collapsing
  • Performs well under cyclic humidity conditions
  • Versatility in paper combinations for box quality with lightweight advantages
  • Proven track record in the agricultural export supply chain
  • Maximum protection of goods and durability of carton to withstand rough handling conditions



  • Unmatched yield advantage
  • Consistent performance downstream
  • Strict tolerance standards
  • Enhanced optics for lasting impact
  • Superior surface and printability


  • Prevents boxes collapsing and improves stacking strength
  • Retaining strength for longer periods in cyclic humidity conditions
  • Maximising machine performance and runnabilty
  • Proven track record in the agricultural export supply chain