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Eight reasons why Sappi is the ideal partner for your packaging project

At Sappi, we see ourselves not just as manufacturers of premium paperboard, but also as a partner to our customers. We seek to offer true added value to Brand Owners, Packaging Developers, and Packaging Designers. We aim to supportI n word and deed for the development of effective packaging – from the choice of substrate right through to important production and finishing details. After all, our common goal is to create unique brand experiences for consumers and activate strong buying impulses.grafik

Our expert, Didem Tekbas, has been advising customers in realizing high-quality, innovative paperboard packaging. In this post, she explains why you should speak with the specialists at Sappi when planning your next paperboard packaging project.


1. Knowledge and experience coupled with innovative technology

Sappi’s know-how in the area of premium paperboard and substrates comes from decades of experience, especially in surface & coating. Investments on both technology and equipment offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions at all times.


2. Worldwide support

Sappi_Paperboard_Fotodokumentation_04_5Our support is not limited to Paperboard only or for certain geographical area. Sappi offers fiber based substrates for different applications in different segments with a world-wide availability. The members of our international team are positioned to provide you with the corresponding know-how and our support worldwide.


3. Innovative spirit in research and development

We closely monitor and identify trends as well as emerging needs in packaging markets. This allows Sappi to develop and provide substrates and services for groundbreaking packaging solutions early.


4. High supply chain reliability

Reliability is our top priority. In our premium Solid Bleached Board quality Algro Design family, for example, we  introduced an unique supply chain concept – Dual Mill principle: the substrate can be produced at and shipped from two different sites in Europe guaranteeing our customers reliable and secure  supply, at a consistent quality level.


5. Sustainability

Sappi places the highest value on tracing raw materials, maintaining comprehensive transparency in production and registering the ecological footprint of each individual site. Furthermore, footprints are available for customers by product. For this reason, we support our customers at independent sustainability initiatives like EcoVadis and CDP. Sappi is committed to improve the environmental impact of its products for the future.

Our sustainability approach goes beyond ecological aspects. For us, sustainability means that we will still be there for you tomorrow. With our financial strength and forward-thinking investments, we drive innovation and offer you security like no other partner can.


6. Breadth of product range

Our selection of substrates and refinements is so diverse in paperboard that we find outstanding solutions for even the most challenging designs. With its range of 160 to 500 g/m² and various reverse surface options (uncoated, single-coated, and double-coated), Algro Design product family offers a nearly infinite number of design possibilities in different application areas enabling designers to combine surfaces.


7. Thought and action guided by brand strategy

Every substrate must ultimately serve the achievement of your specific marketing objectives. Providing a medium for superior consumer experience is the key for Brand Owners. Our premium paperboard products help to draw attention to your brand at the POS and create a uniform brand and product experience – especially when numerous product versions or product line extensions must be clearly identified with your brand.


8. A strong network

We have a close-meshed network and can connect you with the specialists you need for further processing. At the same time, we have the knowledge of the requirements and processes of wide-ranging industries to enable you to utilize our premium paperboard packaging as an effective marketing tool.


Didem TekbasDidem Tekbas, Brand Owner Manager for Paperboard Packaging & Speciality Papers for multinational and global brand manufacturers, has been at Sappi Europe for fifteen years. She advises brand owners on how to efficiently distinguish their brands from the competition in today’s business world and create something special for their target group. In doing so, she supports the manufacturers in their selection of efficient and suitable materials for packaging as well as for graphic applications.