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70 years and still fascinated by the future

Sappi congratulates the trade journal VerpackungsRundschau on its birthday with a dazzling anniversary cover, oozing visual and tactile appeal.

VR_textbild_4When a seventieth birthday comes around, most people tend to look back rather than forward, but not the editorial board of the VerpackungsRundschau. Although the title of the July edition does indeed reflect the anniversary, more importantly, it illustrates an arc from the past to the future of printing and finishing techniques. A high-calibre finishing team was put together to accomplish this exciting undertaking in the best possible way, which included Sappi, the g.a.s. Design agency, embossing tool manufacturer hinderer + mülich, coating solutions company Kurz, Gräfe Druck and Kurz Digital. Together, the title page makers have created a cover containing a veritable explosion of sophisticated refinement techniques – and which, even after multiple experiences, continues to reveal new, intriguing details.


Complex motifs require premium paperboard material

VR_textbild_2Sappi’s high-quality Algro Design Duo (250 g/m²) solid bleached board was used as the basis for the cover page. Boasting superior whiteness, excellent printability and finishing properties, the board offers brilliant colour reproduction and maximum colour radiance. These properties are essential for complex motifs such as the VerpackungsRundschau title. A range of design elements were used, spanning a delicate pink base colour and floral golden Art Deco elements, to modern accents; for example, the ’70’ at the centre of the title is framed by lines reminiscent of the conductor tracks of RFID chips. Finished with a micro-embossed design, the engaging tactile feel of the magazine logo is also worth noting. That the magazine title achieved such unique perfection is due in part to Kurz’s special semi-covering Lumafin film, which, in conjunction with the film coating, creates a new aesthetic tension.


Optimised augmented reality manufacturing process

VR_textbild_1The graphics are another visual treat. Developed entirely in 3D, they can also be explored via smartphone and app as an augmented reality application. As a result, the magazine title points directly into the future, because augmented reality is considered one of the most important aspects with regard to expanding the PoS presentation of a product beyond its packaging. At the same time, the augmented reality function of the title page is far more than just gimmickry – it also delivers real manufacturing benefits. For example, the geometric data of the 3D animations were used to produce the embossing stamps. This meant an entire work step could be eliminated at the stamp manufacturer hinderer + mühlich. The result: a streamlined manufacturing process, lower costs and improved quality, as the digital geometric data makes it possible to produce precision-fit stamp formats..


Visionary outlooks

The content of the 14,000-copy anniversary edition of VerpackungsRundschau is also proof of the company’s commitment to the future of packaging. With topics such as printed electronics, sustainability, innovative technologies and the current challenges of the packaging market, the editorial team takes a close look at a variety of the latest trends.

We at Sappi not only congratulate VerpackungsRundschau on its seventieth birthday, we are also delighted to be part of this event as an innovative solution provider. A big thank you goes to our finishing partners Kurz, hinderer + mühlich, Kurz Digital, Gräfe Druckveredelung as well as g.a.s. Design ( for the excellent cooperation.

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