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Algro Design Advanced and Algro Design Nature: Watch the video and discover the difference!

Lars Scheidweiler (Product Group Manager Paperboard at Sappi Europe) explains the differences between the two types of paperboard.

textbild2In October 2019, Sappi expanded its Algro Design product family. One new addition is Algro Design Advanced, an impressive product, offering cutting-edge capabilities. Algro Design Nature is a rebrand of the tried-and-tested Algro Design solid bleached board with an uncoated reverse side, a move designed to make it easier to differentiate from the other products. The company has brought out a new, three-and-a-half-minute video illustrating the different printing and processing properties in motion.

‘We have given the Algro Design Advanced product a very light coating on the back’, says Lars Scheidweiler, Product Group Manager Paperboard at Sappi Europe, summing up the main difference between the two paperboard versions. Scheidweiler’s video demonstrates how the two products can be used in different scenarios. Although the fronts of the two product types are the same, the uncoated reverse side and natural feel of the Algro Design Nature are what sets it apart. With excellent colour absorption on its lightly coated back, the Algro Design Advanced achieves even greater colour brilliance, allowing greater design freedom in the development of premium packaging and particularly demanding printing projects.

Lars Scheidweiler says, ‘Algro Design Advanced is ideally suited to conveying brand values emotionally, thanks to an individual design on the top side and back’. It’s best to get an idea of it yourself: Take a look at our product video and order the Algro Design Swatch Book, which now also includes an exclusive flyer highlighting the unique features of Algro Design Advanced and Algro Design Nature.

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