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Blue Couch: Sappi Europe launches digital interview series

For those interested in streaming information about new products and industry insights directly from their own home, Sappi is offering a new panel discussion format. On the Blue Couch, exciting guests will discuss innovations, trends and strategies in relation to packaging and speciality papers.

In times when many trade fairs are being postponed or cancelled, creativity is more important than ever. Those who don’t want to wait around for the next physical event can soon enjoy a brand-new video format: Sappi will live-stream Blue Couch, featuring exclusive insights, to offices, home offices and living rooms all around the world.

The English-language format will be in the style of a panel discussion. A moderator and a panel of experts chosen by Sappi will present new packaging solutions and discuss key social issues such as sustainability and the effects of Covid-19.


Launching on 4 November with Berry Wiersum and Sarah Price

The first episode at 10 a.m. (CET) on 4 November 2020 will address the issues of paper and sustainability. Berry Wiersum, CEO of Sappi Europe, and Sarah Price, Sustainability Manager, will provide an insight into some of the most pressing social and environmental issues facing society today. Here, you will learn how Sappi is well-positioned to deal with these challenges with its fibre-based materials.

The second episode, which will go out on 2 December 2020, will focus on innovation and its value in relation to sales – especially when it comes to continually strengthening customer relationships and benefits for customers. The Blue Couch guests will be: Thomas Kratochwill, Vice President Sales & Marketing Packaging and Speciality Papers, Sappi Europe, and Director of Innovation at Sappi, Bernardo Semadeni.

The third episode on 3 February 2021 with Michael Bethge, Sales Director Consumer Goods and Self Adhesives at Sappi Europe, and Rene Koehler, Head of Business Development Packaging Solutions, will focus on the paper (r)evolution taking place in the packaging industry.

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