New finishing area for an improved offer of dye sublimation papers

Carmignano is improving its dye sublimation papers offer with new plotter machines, fully automatic packaging line and storage space.

Panoramica Sappi

The rapid growth of Sappi’s high-quality dye sublimation papers offer receives another significant boost this summer with new machinery and capacity coming into action at the company’s Carmignano Centre of Excellence.

Two new plotter converting machines will start work in June, alongside an automated packaging line and increased storage space. The new plotter machines significantly increase flexibility in converting mother reels into well-packed and protected plotter rolls or mini jumbos on site at the mill itself.

For customers, this means faster, more responsive order fulfillment and the assurance of the highest standards for their dye sublimation papers throughout the entire production and packaging process.

Thanks to the in house packaging and storage, these speed and quality assurance benefits are complemented by a reduced carbon footprint for individual orders, too.

Improved sustainability also comes with an upgrade in the packaging materials used for the papers, with the adoption of monomaterial packaging making for improved recyclability and better quality assurance during transportation.

Sappi has invested a low double-digit million euros sum to expand and improve its dye sublimation offer over the past two years, with these advances being the latest investments to bear fruit.

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