Algro Design Nature - new paperboard swatch book release

Algro Design Nature - new paperboard swatch book release  

“In nature, some shapes speak to our senses and embrace our emotions. In nature and commerce, some surfaces have the power to touch us as we touch them. In packaging, some paperboards are able to combine functionality with the ability to inspire, communicate and connect.”

From today, you can request the Algro Design Nature swatch book for a tantalising experience.

Request the new Algro Design Nature swatch book  

What you can expect 

With its ability to maximise the touch and feel of packaging and graphic communication, alongside a variety of visual effects and impressions, the solid bleached board Algro Design Nature covers an exceptionally wide range of creative spaces for optimum customer experience. This thanks to its high-quality, silky, coated side and its completely natural, uncoated side. 

Experience what is possible with Sappi’s premium solid bleached board in terms of surface properties, colour brilliance and design, outstanding finishing techniques and, of course, shaping and folding properties. 

Algro Design swatch book closed
Algro Design swatch book open

The nature of packaging… 

"Algro Design paperboards draw their inspiration from nature – lending harmony between functionality, diversity and unique beauty."

The infinite variety of natural cocoons in all their different shapes, colours, textures and patterns – and with their ability to nurture and protect their precious contents – provide inspiration for the new Algro Design Nature swatch book. 

Exploring the theme of cocoons, the new swatch book will take you on a journey into fantastic, exciting worlds of shapes, patterns and textures – exploring beauty and diversity through igniting multiple senses.


Complete look, elegant to the touch

With the reflections of light coming from the top left, the motive, which is printed in 4-c offset and divided in the middle, immerses in a hazy, magic-like atmosphere. With its high-quality, silky coated side and its natural, uncoated side, Algro Design Nature solid bleached board covers a wide range of creative possibilities: The cocoon structures, some of which are hot-stamped as well as blind-stamped, deliver an exceptional feel. The diamond-shaped patterns in the background, finished via cold foil transfer, create further visual and haptic experiences with their glossy spot finish and the soft-touch finish used for the steam. The still life also features elements finished via hot-foil stamping and KURZ LUXOR® 423.


The best of two worlds of finishing

The completely different textures give this hollow body a hybrid feel and leave the viewer uncertain as to its background. Here, the meticulous presentation of the motive, printed in 4-c offset, exudes a sense of calm in which the silence is broken only by the faint sounds of a breeze in the foliage or the buzzing of dragonflies. The cocoon itself got structured through its matt finish and is also hot-stamped with KURZ LUMAFIN® 799. And this is precisely where the split effect of the double-coated left side and the natural, uncoated right side becomes clear. The wooden structures growing out of the interior were enhanced via hot-foil stamping with KURZ LUXOR® 319 as well as via a glossy spot finish. In addition, the left part of the motive,  got boosted via cold-foil transfer, which creates a metallic effect.


Iridescent butterflies in cocoon contrast

The butterflies, hot-stamped with KURZ LIGHT LINE® neon, extremely vivid and iridescent in vibrant colours, are the highlight of this motive created via 4-c offset printing. This is in contrast with the cocoon, which has a very natural, yet earthy, colouring, and to which the soft-touch finish adds a sense of velvet. While the texture, subtly enhanced via cold-foil transfer, glistens in the background, isolated hollow elements stand out through the sculptured blind embossing. The haptic effect is maximised by Algro Design Nature solid bleached board, which presents the arrangement on a silky, double-coated side on the left and on a natural, uncoated side on the right.


Angular body with golden, glossy finish

The development of the bodies was a spontaneous, integrative process, where there was a basic form at the beginning which was gradually expanded and made more complex. This is also the case with this angular cocoon, the surface of which is given an elegant, glossy gold texture through hot stamping with KURZ LUXOR® 429. The finishing contrast between the double-coated left side and the natural, uncoated right side is very evident. The dark background with its matt finish forms a clear contrast, which makes the shape stand out even more. Likewise, the plant elements and seed pods enhanced via textured blind stamping complete the natural look of the arrangement.


Outstanding feel in a new dimension

The surfaces of the motives, their material and the texture should have a striking look and should take on a haptic dimension through the subsequent finishing. This effect is maximised by Algro Design Nature solid bleached board, which, thanks to its high-quality, silky-coated side and its natural, uncoated side, offers a wide range of creative possibilities. And these are impressively realised in this art creation: the elements enhanced via cold-foil transfer sparkle with an incomparable brilliance. The 3D relief of the loops of plants, hot-stamped with KURZ LUXOR® 319 and extending out of the cocoon, creates an extremely haptic experience. There are also the blind-stamped cocoon elements with a glossy spot finish on the right-hand side, as well as the key, which, together with the incidence of light, create an exceptionally vivid look.


Enhanced allure in natural facets

This hollow body almost looks as though a cocooned caterpillar inside is transforming into a beautiful butterfly and is about to emerge. The textures of the motive, which was printed in 4-c offset, became increasingly multi-layered. The multitude of visual effects and impressions are presented on a double-coated side and a natural, uncoated side of Algro Design Nature solid bleached board. Various hot stamping techniques were used: on the one hand, the high-relief and deep stamping realised with the hot-stamping effect foil KURZ LIGHT LINE® neon, and, on the other hand, the stamping foil KURZ LUXOR® 319, which creates an impressive look with its metallic lustre. Particularly striking are the bubbles billowing out of the cocoon, which seem almost lifelike in their vividness.

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