European Carton Excellence Award 2023

Innovative tamper-proof packaging for face cream with Sappi’s Algro Design virgin fibre paperboard is among the winners.

Sappi Edelmann Mary Cohr

2023 marks the 27th anniversary of the prestigious European Carton Excellence Award. At the high-profile event, which has come to symbolise excellence in the packaging industry, the esteemed jury evaluated 100 different entries from 33 companies in 15 European countries. The nomination of the winners took place on 22 September at a festive gala in Seville, Spain. In addition to the many creative packaging ideas, the packaging of a face moisturiser from the ‘Mary Cohr’ brand, whose carton was produced with Sappi’s Algro Design paperboard product family, was one of the winners. The jury was impressed with the packaging’s tamper-proof, sustainable seal.

The European Carton Excellence Award is hosted by Pro Carton and the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA). The competition is open to brand owners, designers, carton manufacturers and converters who are invited to present their most innovative carton packaging. Participants can submit their entries in four different categories: General Packaging/Virgin Fibre, General Packaging/Recycled Fibre, Food & Beverage Packaging/Virgin Fibre and Food & Beverage Packaging/Recycled Fibre. Based on stringent criteria such as graphic and structural design, production methods, cost-efficiency, sustainability and innovation, an esteemed jury of renowned packaging experts selects the winners in each category. Gold and Platinum winners are also awarded across categories. The award winners benefit not only from a boost to their brand, but also from a coveted industry accolade.

Sappi Edelmann Mary Cohr


New paperboard packaging as a benchmark for tamper-proof protection

The secondary packaging for a cosmetic container from Mary Cohr, designed by German packaging manufacturer Edelmann Group, won the award in the General Packaging/Virgin Fibre category. It impressed the jury first and foremost with its tamper-proof seal: “The highlight of Edelmann Group’s design is the tamper-proof seal on the cardboard box, something we have never seen before,” said the jury. “It is a convenient, simple and environmentally conscious method for consumers and retailers to see if the pack has been tampered with. The concept is so ingenious that it will change the future of tamper-proof packaging and eliminate the need for non-recyclable packaging.”


The concept was born from sustainable development

Typically, high-quality cosmetic jars and bottles are packed in cardboard boxes, which are then wrapped with a transparent film to protect the products from environmental influences and tampering. Against the backdrop of the drive for greater sustainability and new regulations on plastic reduction, the designers at the Edelman Group, a Germany based, internationally operating manufacturer of high-quality packaging solutions for the health care, beauty care and consumer brands sectors, were presented with the challenge of developing a solution without using transparent films. The new packaging also had to be compatible with packaging machines and ensure high shelf impact.

Sappi Edelmann Mary Cohr

The designers came up with a paperboard packaging solution that features two side flaps for closing, an additional flap and a lid with a tuck-in flap. While one of the side flaps displays a green dot, the additional flap features a black dot. After the first opening, this additional flap is torn off, revealing the green dot. Even when the packaging is closed again, the green dot on the side flap becomes visible. In short, when the additional flap with the black dot is no longer present, users see that the packaging has already been opened. The new mechanism against attempts at tampering replaces the previously used transparent film.


Algro Design virgin fibre carton from Sappi meets the highest demands

The complex design of the two superimposed side flaps required a board that would not fray after being torn off, so that the packaging would retain its immaculate appearance even after being opened for the first time. The sustainability factor was taken into account by using a white background colour with fresh, clear green typography. A board was needed that would show off the colours and lettering to their greatest advantage.

The selected Algro Design virgin paperboards all feature a distinctive balance between functionality, versatility and aesthetics. The bright white paperboard opens up an exceptionally wide range of packaging design possibilities.

Sappi Edelmann Mary Cohr

Lars Scheidweiler, Head of Packaging Solutions at Sappi Europe, is delighted with the accolade:

“The high-quality paperboard packaging used for Mary Cohr’s face moisturiser is a perfect example of how the quality of the board used has an impact on the overall design result. As a company that greatly values sustainability, we are also very excited to have won an award for packaging that allows us to reduce the use of transparent film, thereby contributing to a high degree of environmental friendliness.”

Lars Scheidweiler, Head of Packaging Solutions at Sappi Europe

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