Experience the new Algro Design Swatch Book!

The new Swatch Book for Sappi's premium paperboard Algro Design is a true work of art. It presents unique finishes and possibilities on the basis of the excellent characteristics of the paperboards Algro Design, Algro Design Card and Algro Design Duo.

The different backsides of the paperboards (Algro Design = uncoated, Algro Design Card = single-coated and Algro Design Duo = double-coated) enable the development of premium individual packaging solutions, for which the Swatch Book provides ideas and suggestions. It illustrates the highest-quality printing and finishing techniques on the backsides of the respective paperboards.

Experience the new Algro Design Swatch Book for yourself – it's sure to convince you, too! In the video, Lars Scheidweiler, Manager of the Paperboard Product Group at Sappi, shows you the extraordinary designs and finishes that await you and the capabilities Algro Design will give you.  


Algro Design – The art of adding value

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