New calendars for a sustainable and brilliant year

J+S Mondberge Kalender Sappi

The calendars from Jänecke + Schneemann and Mondberge-Magazin have two things in common: sustainable production and well-refined animal motifs, for which Sappi Algro Design Nature and Algro Design Duo provide the perfect stage.


Well-refined animal motifs

J+S Kalender Sappi

The calendar from Jänecke + Schneemann Druckfarben GmbH features the outstanding quality of J+S printing inks and top-class finishing by GRÄFE. They impressively highlight the colourful animal kingdom – from lynx and discus fish to pink cockatoos and pike. The techniques used range from embossing transfer and multi-stage blind embossing to cold transfer and special textured, luminous and relief varnishes. The individual motifs and finishing methods are in perfect harmony - both in terms of design and concept.

The printing inks of the High Body series also ensure impressive surface intensity, while Sappi’s Algro Design Nature substrate with a grammage of 270 g/m² offers a wonderful, silky surface and exceptional brightness.

J+S Kalender Sappi


Mondberge species conservation calendar 2024

This is the thirteenth annual edition of the ‘Artenschutz’ (species conservation) wall calendar from Mondberge-Magazin.

Mondberge Kalender Sappi

The proceeds from the sale of the calendar are donated to charitable organisations, helping towards the protection of nature and conservation of wildlife. Finishing techniques such as gloss varnish, soft-touch dispersion varnish, relief varnish and high-gloss metallic effects were applied to the calendar. The calendar was printed using BlueGreenPrint technology, which is a hallmark of sustainable, ecological and social standards in the print and media industry.

Sappi’s Algro Design Duo solid bleached board (250 and 300 g/m²) is produced from certified, sustainably managed forestry. Furthermore, the organic printing inks and biofilms used are made from vegetable oils. Refinements used during lamination and varnishing can be separated using the de-inking process in modern recycling systems.

Mondberge Kalender Sappi


Sappi Algro Design as the perfect calendar substrate

Sappi’s Algro Design Nature and Algro Design Duo solid bleached boards provide the perfect basis for the complex motifs, intense contrasts and various printing and finishing techniques used in the calendars.

J+S Kalender Sappi

Sappi’s core values not only include premium quality, but also its commitment to sustainability. The premium substrates made from renewable resources meet all the criteria for sustainable consumer products, meaning they satisfy today’s needs without compromising tomorrow’s prospects.

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