Paper Appeal: SCREEN, EMSUR, and SAPPI Lead with Innovative Lidding solution

Paper-centric packaging combining paper, barrier performance and inkjet digital printing to meet consumers’ preference

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As consumer consciousness continues to evolve towards sustainability, three leading stakeholders in the flexible packaging industry: SCREEN, EMSUR, and SAPPI, have aligned their efforts to transform the packaging landscape with a paper-centric lidding solution. This strategic collaboration marks a significant leap in eco-conscious packaging, where the power of inkjet digital printing, the consumer appeal for paper packaging and product safety intersects harmoniously.


Paper Packaging: A natural Symphony of Appeal

In today's fast changing retail landscape, packaging transcends its traditional role – it's a storyteller, an experience, and a symbol of a brand's propositions. Paper packaging stands as a beacon of versatility and effectiveness, resonating with consumers on a multi-sensory level. Its tactile nature, coupled with its inherent sustainability credentials, makes it a compelling choice for brands seeking to forge authentic connections with their audience.



Driving natural Brand Engagement

With sustainability taking centre stage in consumer preferences, brand owners and retailers are presented with a unique opportunity to enhance their brand perception through packaging choices. Paper packaging serves as a conduit for positive brand-consumer engagement, aligning with the values of today's environmentally conscious consumers. Recent studies, including the TwoSidesUK study, indicate a significant shift in consumer behaviour, with a growing preference for products packaged in environmentally friendly materials, such as paper. Hence, consumer demand for sustainable packaging is on the rise, urging brand owners and retailers to rethink their packaging strategies. Paper packaging not only enhances brand perception but also fosters positive brand-consumer engagement. Nowadays the demand for natural lidding solutions becomes more pronounced, presenting an opportunity for differentiation.


New Lidding Solutions Powered by Water-Based Inkjet Digital Printing

Through this collaboration, SCREEN, EMSUR, and SAPPI introduce a new era of natural packaging solution. Leveraging SCREEN’s advanced inkjet digital printing techniques using water-based food compliant inks, combined with SAPPI’s extensive expertise in paper-based materials, and EMSUR’s long-standing know-how in barrier packaging solutions for die-cuts & lidding applications, this partnership delivers packaging solutions that not only meet consumer demand for sustainability but also captivates with their visual appeal and practicality.

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Lids crafted from sustainable paper laminates offer brands an opportunity to communicate their sustainability credentials effectively while elevating the overall consumer experience. This innovative approach not only meets the stringent sustainability criteria but also offers unparalleled visual appeal,  practicality and product protection. Leveraging water-based inks, the digital printing process ensures print efficiency and colourful packaging designs with minimal environmental impact, aligning with the ethos of eco-conscious consumers.


Consumer Preference: The Driving Force

Consumer preferences are driving the momentum towards sustainable paper packaging. Surveys reveal that consumers actively seek products packaged in environmentally friendly materials, with paper packaging being favoured for its renewable raw material, environmental benefits, and ease of recycling. As consumers increasingly seek products packaged in sustainable materials, brands must embrace this shift in consumer behaviour to stay relevant and competitive in today's fast evolving market. The adoption of innovative approaches like this sustainable lidding solution using water-based inkjet digital printing can help brands to stay ahead of the curve.


Join Us in Shaping an innovative Future

The unveiling of this innovative lidding packaging solution will take place during drupa2024 at SCREEN's stand (Hall 8a, Stand A03) and underlines a collective commitment to sustainability, innovation, and consumer engagement. SCREEN, EMSUR, and SAPPI invite industry stakeholders and consumers alike to join them in shaping a future where sustainability and appeal converge seamlessly.

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