Driving forward innovations and customer-oriented solutions at Sappi’s Digital Solutions Centre

The DSC is not just a modern, fully equipped test centre for dye sublimation and large-format inkjet papers, but also a popular customer meeting point and showroom.


At Sappi, we focus on the development, distribution and marketing of products for digital solutions. To this end, we further process the papers produced at our two Italian mills in the converting centre, where large rolls are cut into smaller ones, packaged and distributed to customers all over the world.

To bring innovation, quality control and customer workshops closer to the heart of our production site, we moved our Digital Solutions Centre from its former location in Switzerland to our site in Carmignano, Italy, in 2019. Our facilities have also been modernised and new equipment has been added to our test centre. Our modern equipment includes:

  • Plotters, calendars and various types of inks
  • Tabletop printers and plotter machines
  • Calendars for roll-to-roll sublimation
  • A heat press for sheet transfer
  • Industrial printer

Beyond our extensive range of modern equipment, what are the real reasons that make our Digital Solutions Centre so beneficial, and thus unique, for our customers?



1. Innovative product development

We carry out research and development work into new innovations at the DSC. Once we have developed a new product idea and have produced the relevant paper, we put it through its paces here. This ensures that we always offer high and reliable quality. By testing our papers with different printers and inks, we can guarantee our customers the features they need and can recommend the right paper for their equipment and application.



2. Stringent quality control

If problems occur during production, we investigate the cause at the DSC.  To ensure that we always offer reliable solutions for production and to guarantee that Sappi products can be processed as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we have the opportunity to check every detail with the relevant equipment at the Digital Solutions Centre.


3. Individual customer support

If customers experience problems or challenges in achieving the right results for their projects, we can resolve them already at the DSC. We check the settings used and, if necessary, we can offer suitable recommendations on how to modify them. In addition, our customers can visit the DSC to see the papers in person and learn under which conditions and individual print profiles they run perfectly.


4. Customer training workshops

The DSC is also an important meeting point for training customers. Here, all our papers and their performance on various machines can be viewed in detail. We also show our paper portfolio to users and demonstrate the various properties and how to ensure optimal use. Interested customers learn, among other things, how to create the right print profile and also how to achieve optimal colour management.



5. Showroom for finished products

Last but not least, the DSC also serves as a showroom where we present selected end products of the digital printing solutions. This not only gives our customers an insight into the diversity of our portfolio, but also demonstrates what is now possible today in the field of dye sublimation and large-format inkjet papers.

You see: the Digital Solutions Centre is not just a test centre, but at the same time a place where innovations are developed, quality is assured and customer expertise is strengthened. Get in touch for more information or come and visit us at our Carmignano mill and digital solutions centre.

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