Sealife poster: H+M presents a unique product embellished on Algro Design Card

The ‘Sealife’ poster from Hinderer + Mühlich, designed using AI and produced on Sappi Algro Design Card, demonstrates how embellishment techniques can produce unique and multi-dimensional depth and effects.


The 35th edition of LuxePack, the leading trade fair for the packaging of luxury items, was held on 2–4 October 2023 in Monaco, where visitors had the opportunity to experience creative design, sustainability, and digital innovations. LEONHARD KURZ was one of more than 450 exhibitors there, along with its subsidiary Hinderer + Mühlich (H+M).


Unique refinements that go to great depths


One of the particular highlights on show was poster no. 17, presented by H+M and entitled ‘Sealife’. This poster was created using AI and was embellished with various embossing techniques, for example ‘relief embossing,’ a process that gives the letters a unique feel, and ‘multi-step embossing’ which makes individual elements appear multi-dimensional.

The seahorse in the centre of the poster was created using techniques such as ‘sculptured embossing,’ where various levels and depths are used to provide the semblance of a sculpture. A technique known as ‘nano-embossing’ – a high-precision embossing effect – was applied to produce extremely complex textures and details. Finally, various foil embossing techniques and special textures gave the AI-designed image a glossy, metallic look and a unique structure.



Algro Design Card was the perfect substrate

Various forms of COLORIT®, LUXOR®, LUMAFIN® and LIGHT LINE® from LEONHARD KURZ were used as transfer products. For the substrate, Algro Design Card 315 g/m² from Sappi was chosen, as its high paperboard quality made it perfect for print refinements of this kind.

"For both deeply embossed elements and larger areas, the quality of the paperboard met all of our expectations and delivered excellent results, with no loss of colour intensity or contrast"

Heike Matetschläger, Marketing & Design Manager at Hinderer + Mühlich

Hinderer + Mühlich regularly undertakes projects like this to demonstrate the incredible potential of their stamping dies. They also highlight the importance of choosing expert collaborative partners who can bring their specific knowledge and expertise to the table. With the finished product, the team behind the Sealife poster again underlined its capacity for innovation and its expertise, while Algro Design Card once more demonstrated its exceptional quality.


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