Together towards a circular economy for self-adhesive labels

Sappi Europe supporting CELAB initiative’s campaign promoting release liner recycling


Sappi Europe is a leading global provider of packaging and speciality papers that offers a wide range of paper-based release liner products and self-adhesive label papers. These include Glassine and CCK silicone base papers as well as face stock. Always focusing on the topic of sustainability, Sappi as a member of CELAB, and is now supporting the initiative of the coalition’s campaign to promote release liner recycling.


An eye to the future with paper-based release liners

As a specialist in paper-based solutions, Sappi Europe offers a wide range of products for self-adhesive label applications, including Glassine and CCK silicone base papers as well as face stock papers for self-adhesive label applications. Sappi not only prioritises quality, the best possible customer service and reliability of supply, but also on the sustainability of all materials used. This includes increasing sustainability in the release liner sector. For example, Sappi Europe has joined the CELAB (Circular Economy for Labels) coalition to create a circular economy for the self-adhesive label industry throughout the entire supply chain. The initiative aims to develop a sustainable and circular business model for more than 75% of the matrices and release liners used in Europe by 2025.

Find out more about the CELAB initiative using the following link:


Helpful support on recycling of release liners

The CELAB initiative provides education to enable liner and matrix recycling – showing users of self-adhesive labels how they can contribute to the circular economy by recycling their used release liners. To precisely meet the users’ requirements, CELAB recently published a helpful infographic that provides answers to the five most frequently asked questions, ranging from “What is a release liner and what can be recycled?” all the way through to “How much does it cost to get it collected?”. The infographic also offers important insight on the product range into which used release liners can be recycled. It further outlines what should be done to get used liners collected for recycling and if the material needs to be handled in a specific way to be collected. Last but certainly not least, the guide also shows that the recycling of used liners also makes sense from a cost perspective. Sappi Europe is happy to support this very worthwhile campaign, as Eric Woestenburg, Head of Sales Glassine Papers at Sappi Europe, explains:

“Looking to the future of release liners, the issue of sustainability is of great importance to us. The CELAB campaign raises the much-needed market awareness and provides users with clear guidelines on how to approach the issue of recycling release liners – in concise, easily understood steps.”

Eric Woestenburg, Head of Sales Glassine Papers at Sappi Europe

Users of self-adhesive labels can find out more about validated solution providers for the collection and/or recycling of used release liner and matrix materials in Europe via the following interactive map of solutions:


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