What are the label trends you need to know?

We’ve done our research and now we what to share it with you. Discover the four key label trends today’s brands need to get up to speed with.

Label trends 2024

Did you know that 47 seconds is the length of today’s average attention span?

Because today’s markets and consumers are more demanding than ever before, brands need to work harder on their labelling than ever before. But what are the key factors that can make a difference between standing out from the crowd and getting left on the shelf?

We’re here to give you the answer to that question, and more besides. At Sappi, we’re committed to helping our customers make the most of their business opportunities, which is why we’ve researched and published ‘What’s in the frame for labels in 2024?’

The report – packed with key insights, expert opinion, relevant research and revealing facts – looks at the label implications of everything from shorter attention spans and fast-changing consumer demands to diminished supply chain security.

Did you know that 64% of customers wish that companies would respond to their needs more quickly? Or that we make decisions about products within only 50 milliseconds?

Find out what these and other insights mean for today’s brands and labels by downloading the free report.

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