What is the key to sustainable innovation?

The Blue Couch digital interview series from Sappi puts the spotlight on sustainable solutions
Sappi Europe has been promoting the development of sustainable packaging solutions for a number of years and has positioned itself as a driver of innovation in the industry. What is the secret of the global paper manufacturer’s success and what new and improved developments can we look forward to? You can find out all of this and more in the latest episode of Blue Couch at 10 a.m. (CET) on Wednesday, 2 December at www.sappi-bluecouch.com.

  • Subject: Sales and innovation – what represents success?
  • Guests on the Blue Couch: Vice President Thomas Kratochwill and Director of Innovation Bernardo Semadeni
  • Wednesday, 2 December at 10 a.m. (CET)

The call for environmentally friendly, sustainable and safe packaging is becoming ever louder from markets, consumers and policymakers. The packaging industry began rethinking matters long before the Fridays for Future movement and numerous innovations have now reached market maturity. Packaging and speciality papers from Sappi, from the latest generation of barrier papers, are an important solution on our journey towards the future. They not only meet all industry requirements, but are also fully recyclable.

When, and at what stages of development, the packaging will also be made from 100% renewable materials, will be discussed on Sappi’s Blue Couch. Thomas Kratochwill, Vice President Sales & Marketing Packaging and Speciality Papers, and Director of Innovation Bernardo Semadeni will discuss an exciting range of subjects, from commitment to sustainable products and processes, to the strategic and technological direction of the company. The focus of the latest episode, which will be broadcast at 10 a.m. (CET) on 2 December, is on the fusion of sales and innovation as the key to success.


Customer retention in the coronavirus crisis

With Blue Couch, Sappi Europe is taking a new approach to communication. The interview series introduces personalities and stories from the entire company and offers an exciting glimpse behind the scenes of the paper industry. In the future, external guests from various other industries will also have their say in this setting. ‘Blue Couch wants to inform, entertain and set trends, that’s where the format is strong. In times of social distancing, we will be visible to media representatives and customers in the outside world as a brand,’ says Cora Helberg, Head of Marketing Packaging and Speciality Paper, Sappi Europe.

The new video format is running on the website www.sappi-bluecouch.com.


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Image 1: The focus of the latest episode of Blue Couch with Thomas Kratochwill, Vice President Sales & Marketing Packaging and Speciality Papers, Sappi Europe and Bernardo Semadeni, Director of Innovation, Sappi Europe is innovation and its importance for sales.
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