Supply chain management for sublimation papers - Part 4

High-quality dye sublimation papers, outstanding service and technical consultation are vital for ensuring optimum results – but what do our customers expect when our sublimation papers leave our mill? A good question that our Supply Chain Management team can answer.


At Sappi, we know that our sphere of influence goes far beyond our factory gates. For our sublimation papers, too, we also work with selected partners throughout the entire supply chain. This is the only way we can ensure that the desired products arrive at the requested place at the requested time and that the quality is right.

In the paper processing industry in particular, punctuality is very important and that goods be available on schedule and ‘just in time’ for the planned print process.


Added value throughout the supply chain

In this way, we are constantly optimising our production and supply chain to ensure that all orders are delivered as quickly as possible. If our customers have any special requests, our sales managers are on hand to handle these. This means that we can put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and proactively suggest improvements and offer alternatives where necessary. 

Another aspect is customer visits in special cases. These help to establish the necessary and best-possible service directly in person. With the significant advantage of being able to adapt individual aspects as requirements change.


Reliability and collaboration are important

If a customer needs their sublimation paper at their production site particularly quickly, we try our best to meet their request. With our comprehensive network and high responsiveness, we pull out all the stops to make this happen. Reliability is very important to us, as our customers use our products to plan their production, with further processing of the products required. The keyword here is trust.

Building upon this, collaboration is needed now more than ever. Only by working together we can achieve the best results and have a more significant and more positive impact. This is why we also maintain a code of conduct with our suppliers to ensure that they understand our values, ethical standards and environmental requirements. And, of course, our desire to deliver the products you want, when and where you want them – thanks to our Supply Chain Management.

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