Discover the eco-effective opportunities at Sappi Ehingen Mill


At our Ehingen paper and pulp mill in Germany, we’re using state-of-the-art technology to become more eco-effective – reducing waste, emissions and maximising material and resource use at every opportunity. Together, we can co-create solutions to boost our eco-effective impact. The opportunities are endless.



Fusing sustainability into product design

The Fusion range that we manufacture at Ehingen is some of the most exciting proof of Sappi’s eco-effective promise. It features liner, fluting and topliner containerboard solutions for use in applications including consumer packaging, shelf-ready packaging, promotional material and more.

Quality and sustainability are in perfect harmony with Fusion. By using bleached fresh fibres, Fusion not only meets all the requirements for food safety, but also offers the same material strength as testliner despite the lower grammage. Moreover due to its light weight, Fusion requires less energy to transport – a significant step in reducing containerboard’s carbon footprint.

Fresh fibre, locally sourced

For the pulp we make at Ehingen, we source woodfibre from responsibly managed forests within a 200-kilometre radius of the mill. By locally sourcing woodfibre this way, we reduce the environmental footprint of our products and support the forest owners and economy where we operate.

Importantly, we also prefer woodfibre from certified forests that are subject to third party audits to control sustainable forest management practices. The result of this strict management is that, on balance, forested lands are actually expanding in Europe rather than diminishing. At Ehingen, over 85% of the woodfibre we procure comes from certified forests, with the remainder coming from controlled, non-controversial sources.

When you choose Fusion, you are also supporting the circular economy. The range is made with virgin, fresh fibre which not only delivers superior products but also makes an essential contribution to the production of recycled fibre. Since fresh fibre is longer and stronger than recycled fibre, maintaining the paper loop requires continuously adding fresh fibres into the system.



Location is everything

Smart logistics are yet another way we lighten our environmental footprint. Ehingen is conveniently located in central Europe, which translates to shorter delivery trips and lower carbon emissions for our regional customers.

With Sappi, this positive impact can span the globe. We have distribution sites and temporary storage facilities worldwide to give our customers favourable access to the markets they need. This logistical dynamism delivers triple bottom-line returns for people, planet and our shared prosperity.



Powered by green energy

At Ehingen’s in-house power plant, we proudly generate our own increasingly green energy with state-of-the-art technology and processes. This includes the use of black liquor generated from the pulping process as well as biogas generated through anaerobic digestion within the wastewater treatment and use of bark and wood residues. The result is that today more than 86% of the energy produced in Ehingen’s in-house power plant comes from biomass.

With innovation and ingenuity, we’re working to decarbonise our operations even further. The actions we’re taking across our mills are contributing towards Sappi’s 2025 Sustainability Targets, aligned with the Paris Climate Accord and the EU Green Deal.



Let’s co-create, sustainably

All this shows that when you choose Ehingen, you can be confident you’re working with a responsible partner. It all starts with a conversation. Our experts listen to your needs and goals and think through practical solutions and ways to co-create, whether your company is deep into its sustainability journey or just getting started. Let’s talk sustainability.

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