A winning duo for the dairy business

Sappi's “Algro Finess H” and “Algro Kraft Y” flexible packaging papers

Mixed Berry Yogurt

With “Algro Finess H” and “Algro Kraft Y”, packaging paper manufacturer Sappi is offering two well-established products for dairy packaging. The two coated flexible packaging papers are designed and optimized for yoghurt pot application and both are suited for direct food contact. With their exceptional printing and conversion properties, they support converters and brand owners successfully and thanks to their high-quality appearance, they will appeal to consumers at POS.


Sappi’s paper-based answer to growing demand in the dairy business

One of the food sector’s most significant pillars is the dairy product segment. It has experienced steady growth in recent years and is expected to continue on its upward trajectory. The global forecast for 2024 predicts a 3.4% increase in the volume of products such as milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter (Statista 2023) – and the trend is rising. Of course, the very specific requirements of these products call for ideally suited packaging materials. As a leading global provider of solutions made from sustainable woodfibres, Sappi also offers tailormade flexible packaging papers for this food application. The high-performance duo of coated flexible packaging papers – “Algro Finess H” and “Algro Kraft Y” – will greatly benefit brand owners and converters in the dairy sector. Both solutions feature an outstanding surface finish which provides converters with an ideal starting point for impressive conversion, while attracting the attention of consumers with their distinctive look at POS. And, as always, with the consistent quality customers have come to expect from Sappi.


Well covered: “Algro Finess H”

The one side double coated glossy paper was specially developed for lids on dairy products such as yoghurt. Sappi created “Algro Finess H” for direct contact with food and customised it specifically for this application. Thanks to its superior printing properties, the new kraft paper achieves outstanding results. With its glossy surface, it ensures high on-shelf impact – without the use of optical brighteners (OBA). The paper is also an ideal choice for further conversion: lamination, for example, delivers excellent results. The paper, which is available in a grammage of 43 g/m2, can be processed with consistent stability even at high speeds and can be ideally integrated into the packing line.

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An altogether stable solution: “Algro Kraft Y”

The kraft paper, with its many outstanding properties and available in grammages of 90, 93, 95, 97 and 110 g/m2. Sappi designed the glossy paper, which is also double coated on one side, for packaging dairy products – in this case, as a banderole or wrapper for yoghurt pots. It can be used to achieve striking visual effects using flexographic and gravure printing processes. It also delivers the best results when processed using hot-melt gluing or varnishing. But perhaps above all, “Algro Kraft Y” boasts excellent stiffness and ensures superb stability of the yoghurt pot. Thanks to its strength, it can also be processed with consistent quality even on high-speed packing lines.

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