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Mockup platform for flexible packaging prototypes with barrier papers

Pack Mockup

Packaging paper manufacturer Sappi Europe supports brand owners and packaging design agencies with an exceptionally valuable digital tool. The company has created, a digital platform to create customised packaging prototypes for their products – using Sappi’s functional papers with integrated barriers for food and non-food products.

Pack Mockup


Extensive testing of paper-based alternatives

There is increasing pressure from consumers, politicians and legislators on brand manufacturers to market their products with sustainable, recyclable packaging. Packaging paper manufacturer Sappi Europe has developed an ingenious solution for customers who have been considering a switch from plastic or multi-layer films, but are still undecided in terms of the look, feel and stability of paper-based packaging:

Pack Mockup

With its mockup platform – – the innovation driver is now offering a digital platform as an aid to decision-making.

It’s an ideal opportunity for customers to directly experience how their packaging, with their own design, will look and feel with Sappi’s heat-sealable barrier papers.

The innovative papers for flexible packaging feature integrated barriers against oxygen, water vapour, grease, aromas and mineral oil, and were developed to protect products in both food and non-food sectors. As a mono-material, the paper-based solutions can be easily recycled in the paper waste stream.


Easy to use with effective results

Users of the digital platform don’t have to navigate through a complicated process to obtain one or several mockups created with Sappi’s barrier papers: Simply upload the packaging design, specify the type of packaging – from a selection of flow wrap, pillow bag, sachet, stand-up pouch, stick pack or wrapper – choose the desired paper type (natural, matt or glossy) and select the desired barrier and weight.

Pack Mockup

That’s all there is to it! Users can also choose whether the mockup should be delivered empty and open at the top or filled with dummy content or actual products and then sealed. Sappi produces up to 10 units of the mockups, which are printed blank or digitally, at a very attractive price. The prototypes are then delivered to the customer ready for thorough testing and inspection.

More information on the mockup platform is available at the following link:

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