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Creatura road show: Sappi presents outstanding packaging projects and paperboard solutions.


Even in the digital age, print remains highly relevant – as proven by the Creatura initiative and its annual road show, which in 2019 is again bringing together designers and decision-makers from advertising and marketing for expert talks and networking. This year, under the motto "More Power with Print", the organizers were able to engage leading expert speakers from the areas of multisensory marketing, media strategy, design, production and print finishing for a total of four dates in various locations across Germany. The two road show dates that have already been held in Munich and Frankfurt am Main, generated great interest and were completely sold out. The road show will make further stops on March 12 and 13 in Düsseldorf and Hamburg.


How does print build brand recognition and brand confidence? What does print do effectively and efficiently in combination with digital channels? How does print differentiate brands and products in market competition, and when is it worth investing in a finish? The speakers in "More Power with Print" deliver tangible answers to these and many other questions. Under the title "Recall: Remember the good things", Olaf Hartmann (Multisense Institut) and Frank Denninghoff (GRÄFE Druckveredelung) discuss how print brands can be anchored in the customer's memory over the long term, while Hendrik Heidenreich (HEIDENREICH PRINT GmbH), under the title "Integrity: Feeling is believing", shows practical examples of how print can be used to lend credibility to brand promises.


Many of the insights conveyed in the talks are based on the Creatura meta-analysis, which presents a first-time summary of the results of over 300 international studies on the advertising appeal of print. (We will soon report in detail on this meta-analysis in the Sappi blog). Those attending "More Power with Print" can additionally look forward to the "Inspirational Boulevard" with 15 exhibitors – including Sappi. We will inform you on March 12 in Düsseldorf (Classic Remise) and on March 13 in Hamburg (KAI 10) about the fascinating properties and possibilities offered by our brilliant white Algro Design premium paperboard for the creative presentation of your brand at the point of sale. We will also introduce numerous current packaging projects and paperboard solutions.  

To sum up: 

The Creatura road show 2019, "More Power with Print", is a must for anyone who is interested in design possibilities in print and packaging and who would like to discuss these with leading experts in this area. The numerous talks also offer attendees the opportunity to learn about the current state of knowledge in research into the multisensory brand perception of print and packaging.  

The dates:

  • March 12, 2019 – Düsseldorf (Classic Remise)
  • March 13, 2019 – Hamburg (KAI 10)

Further information and registration: www.creatura.de/power-of-print/events

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