For a high-impact premium look in coffee packaging

Sappi’s “Algro Finess C” flexible packaging paper for food items.

Algro Finess C

Flexible packaging paper manufacturer Sappi Europe has further optimised its well-established Algro Finess product portfolio and is now offering “Algro Finess C”, a coated flexible packaging paper specially developed for coffee packaging. It excels with its high-quality appearance and superior printing and converting properties. The new paper also effectively reduces fold and colour cracking which negatively impacts the packaging’s appearance at POS. Sappi is the market leader in the field of coated flexible packaging papers. In recent years, the innovation driver has continuously advanced its portfolio and customised its solutions to meet its customers’ very unique product requirements.

  • Sappi “Algro Finess C” with a high-gloss surface
  • For wrapper applications such as coffee, snacks and confectionery
  • Effectively reduces fold and colour cracking
  • Outstanding printing and converting properties

Passionate coffee drinkers cannot imagine beginning the day without their favourite hot beverage. For real coffee connoisseurs, both the quality of the packaging content as well as its image – i.e. the design and packaging – play a decisive role. To impress them in-store, packaging and speciality paper manufacturer Sappi Europe has developed the new “Algro Finess C”, a paper that manufacturers and brand owners can use to further motivate consumers to buy their products.


“Algro Finess C” – for that extra touch of finesse

The new MGBK (Machine Glazed Bleached Kraft) paper, which is double-coated on one side, was specially developed for flexible packaging applications and is ideally suited for many wrapper applications in the coffee and food sector, such as snacks and confectionery. Especially coffee packaging tends to exhibit fold and colour cracking after printing and folding, exposing white areas. “Algro Finess C” was developed to reduce and prevent these unsightly cracks. The paper features a high-gloss surface and a treated reverse side. Available in grammages of 80 g/m² and 90 g/m², it is also suitable for direct contact with food thanks to its unique properties.


Superb printing and finishing

The flexible packaging paper also excels with its outstanding properties in printing and finishing. Thanks to its high-gloss surface and outstanding printability, you can achieve excellent printing results with “Algro Finess C” using flexographic or gravure printing processes. Exceptionally high-quality colour and tonal value reproduction ensure a striking appearance with which manufacturers and brand owners can make an impression at POS. “Algro Finess C” also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of its strength. Thanks to its exceptional rigidity, the paper can be easily processed as a wrapper in the packaging line – even at high speeds.

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