Hinderer + Mühlich wins Gold Leaf Award with unique poster printed on Sappi Algro Design Card

The "Beauty" poster, submitted and perfectly finished on Sappi Algro Design Card, has won the prestigious Gold Leaf Award.

Algro Design Hinderer+Mühlich Poster "Beauty"

The results of the 30th Foil & Specialty Effects Association's (FSEA) Awards have been released and the team from Hinderer + Mühlich spared no efforts to ensure they stand out in the competition: The submitted and uniquely finished "Beauty" poster was awarded the prestigious Gold Leaf Award.


What makes the design stand out?

The 16th edition of the 42 x 60 cm poster is more than just a printed piece of paper - it is a piece of art. This time, the focus was on haptic effects achieved through a variety of innovative textures and embossing. A special highlight is the negative relief embossing of the perfume bottle, which is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

Algro Design Hinderer+Mühlich Poster "Beauty"

The composition perfectly fits the target market for premium and luxury products, as colours inspired by nature, natural materials and floral elements have recently been very popular in this segment. The poster strikes a chord and is thus the perfect fit for advertising campaigns or promotions of high-end brands and businesses.

"The posters always pick up on current trends and we translate them into embossing. In doing so, we push the limits to show what is possible. And sometimes, we even cross these limits. Sappi's Algro Design offers the ideal substrate for this endeavor."

Heike Matetschläger, Marketing & Design Manager at Hinderer + Mühlich


Which finishes were used?

The haptic effects themselves are not new in the design world, but putting focus on them is exceptional. Hinderer + Mühlich have noticed that customer interest in haptics has risen sharply. And this trend is reflected in the poster’s finishing effects.

Various textures, hot foil stamping and embossing techniques were used as finishing techniques. The substrate used is Sappi’s Algro Design Card 315 g/m², which is ideal for these types of print finishings thanks to its high quality and exceptional surface properties. It does not matter if it’s intricate embossing or delicate finishes over large areas - this paperboard keeps its promise: excellent results without loss of colour brilliance or contrast.

"The even surface enables a consistently uniform result. It features good formability and is ideal for large-area embossing and fine details. These are all elements that can be found in every poster throughout the years. The next design is already in the making."

Heike Matetschläger
Algro Design Hinderer+Mühlich Poster "Beauty"


What is the FSEA Gold Leaf Award?

The Gold Leaf Award is organised annually by the FSEA and honours the best finishing effects in the print industry. The 30th FSEA Awards ceremony took place at the Print Embellishment Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, on 6 June 2023, during which a record number of entries from around the world were rewarded in 47 categories.


Outstanding and excellent results

With successful projects like this one, Hinderer + Mühlich shows, time and time again, that outstanding results can be achieved with their precision embossing tools. And that it’s important to choose the right partner with the right expertise to support projects like these. It is proof of the team's innovative strength and skill together with the quality of Sappi's Algro Design Card.

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