New fact sheet about paper packaging from Two Sides


‘Paper packaging – the natural choice’ is a new fact sheet by the Two Sides initiative, launched by members of the graphic design industry.

One thing is certain. Paper packaging made from renewable materials is durable, attractive, recyclable and an essential part of the circular economy.

But it is also clear that the path to a more sustainable future goes far beyond choosing the right packaging. However, since this is usually the first point of contact between the consumer and the company, poor design or choice of materials can have a lasting impact on both the environment and the perception of the company.


In the new fact sheet about paper packaging, you will find out:

  • Why packaging that is well designed, efficiently produced, appropriately used and responsibly disposed of offers sustainable benefits.
  • Why packaging helps to increase efficiency in the supply chain, enabling safe and convenient access to goods.
  • Why it is more important than ever that packaging is sustainable throughout its entire life cycle.
  • How the environmental impact of a product’s packaging influences consumers’ purchasing decisions.
  • And much more, much more...

Click here for the fact sheet:


What is Two Sides?

Two Sides is an initiative of around 100 companies in the graphic media production chain. These include companies in the fields of forestry, pulp, paper, printing inks and chemicals, pre-press, printing, further processing, publishing and printing. The common goal is to promote responsible use of print and paper, dispel prejudices and provide reliable information.

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