A shining light for premium label paper

The making of the Parade Label Pro swatch book


With Parade Label Pro, Sappi has extended its range of non-wet-strength wet-glue label papers. A specially designed brochure featuring premium sample labels shows what is possible when it comes to printing and finishing – in impressive and practical ways.

Sappi has been producing label papers coated on one side at its plant in Gratkorn, Austria, since the middle of 2021. Expansion of the production facilities at one of Europe’s largest and most modern paper mills has enabled Sappi to better meet customer demand for base papers for non-wet-strength wet-glue labels and self-adhesive labels.

The central European location, meanwhile, facilitates reduced transport routes, while shortened production cycles ensure good availability and rapid delivery.


Sample labels with Parade Label Pro

One of the new paper types produced in Gratkorn is Parade Label Pro – certified for direct contact with food products and available in grammages of 80 and 90 g/m². The label paper can also be supplied with FSC or PEFC certification upon request.

One of the standout features of the glossy paper, which is double coated on one side, is its very smooth surface and high degree of brightness – which ensures excellent print and finishing results.

The paper can be used to good effect in numerous wet-glue label applications, from recyclable bottles and cans to wrappers for chocolate bars. Specially developed samples are available that highlight the various applications.



Showing what’s possible

Sappi teamed up with its creation, finishing and implementation partners to explore the optimal finishing options for the new paper. As a result, four specially designed labels from selected markets demonstrate that a number of common finishes can be carried out at once – with no problems for the paper and no compromises for the customer.


Neatly, precisely and smoothly processed

Although multiple different finishing effects were applied to each of the sample labels in the brochure, the paper came through every step with flying colours. The production process ran smoothly and precisely.


The various finishes, such as embossing and cold transfer, give the paper an exceptional look and feel. So the viewer can better appreciate this, the various finishing technologies are described in the brochure for each individual label.


Strong teamwork for an impressive wow factor

Design and creation for the Parade Label Pro labels and swatch book were carried out by klartxt GmbH – where Till Wrede worked on the design and Ilsabe Barabasch the project management.

In the case of the more complex aspects of finishing, the expertise of Martin Appoldt (g.a.s. Unternehmenskommunikation GmbH) was vital.

The brochure was then produced and finished by Gräfe Druck GmbH, with whom Sappi has worked closely on numerous projects for many years.



Important cornerstone of Sappi’s overall strategy

The results are clear to see: this new, modern label paper is rated very highly, while feedback on the sample brochure has been universally positive.

Parade Label Pro is an important piece of the puzzle in Sappi’s wider strategy – in the future, the focus will be on having an extensive product portfolio that covers every possible need.

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