Video stream: innovations for a sustainable future

Innovation is the key to sustainable progress. This was also the story of our virtual interpack event. New products and insights were presented, important subjects addressed and extensive knowledge shared about burning issues. Our live streams played a big role in the successful digital event, which we would like to present to you now.

Our live stream ‘Innovating for a sustainable future!’ presents interesting news about the latest innovations and challenges in terms of technology and sustainability. Did you know that Sappi has its own Innovation & Sustainability department? As Sustainability Manager, Sarah Price is an important part of the department that has been in place for two years now and she presents her topic with the same passion and enthusiasm that she brings to her job every day.

Why is high recyclability and a bio-based circular economy so important for our future? What are the three pillars on which Sappi is building, in accordance with the UN sustainability objectives and why is the Innovation & Sustainability department such a strong driver of innovation for developing new, sustainable solutions? You will find out all of this in our video.

There’s also much more. Bernardo Semadeni, Manager Competence Center Specialties & Digital Solutions, also gives an insight into the continuous innovation processes at Sappi and demonstrates the potential of wood fibres for a wide range of applications. Learn how we ensure rapid time to market and discover two pure, natural fibre products that will have a lasting impact on the applications of tomorrow.

The evolution of non-recyclable multi-layer films into fully recyclable, polymer-free barrier papers continues apace. Stay up to the speed – our exclusive video is just a click away.

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