New CELAB white paper shines the light on release liner recycling


A white paper from CELAB explains the latest recycling technologies in relation to release liners.

CELAB (Circular Economy for Labels) is an industry initiative for the self-adhesive industry, which aims to facilitate industry-wide cooperation and promote a sustainable circular economy. As a member of the global steering committee, Sappi plays an important role in the global consortium that includes more than 30 companies. CELAB recently published an English-language white paper which provides basic information about recycling at a ‘global’ level. For the study entitled ‘Label Paper Release Liners: Paper Based Silicone Release Liners From Labels Can & Should Be Recycled’, a team of experts led by Alex Knott, Senior Scientist at Dow Chemical, conducted a technical examination of the recycling of release liners. The goal: to shine a light on existing recycling technologies.  



Release liners – examining the sustainability of silicone-based paper

What is a paper-based silicone release liner and what types of substrates are used for this? How is silicone-coated paper recycled and how important is the recycling of silicone-coated paper for the global circular economy? To identify this, the team gathered information on current processes by analysing current input from raw material producers (paper and silicone), recycled paper producers, recycling companies and industrial organisations. The answers? Download the CELAB white paper here and find out: Open white paper  



Market research study on the recycling of siliconised release liners

We would also like to mention the following study, recently conducted by Avery Dennison on behalf of CELAB: ‘Pressure Sensitive Labelling Release Liner Generation and Recycling’ reports on the current status of volumes, recycling rates and opportunities available worldwide. Take a look at a fascinating quantitative analysis of the global market, broken down by key geographical regions for paper and PET release liners. You can find a summary of the study and other information here: Open study presentation

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